My name is Tyler and I am a Canadian lad, born and raised in Alberta.  I grew up with parents that encouraged curiosity and there always seemed to be a National Geographic or Encyclopaedia bouncing around the house that eventually made its way to my hands.  When I was around fourteen I had my first experience of travel going to the Dominican Republic.  Though I have a hard time calling a stay at a resort “travel”- the time away from the resort and seeing the real DR was incredibly rewarding.  Especially for me to witness such a low standard of life and begin to think with a global conscious at a young age.

I waited before going back to University because I wanted to travel (and who honestly knows what they want to do as soon as they graduate?) but it never happened.  Oddly enough, when I went to University to study Anthropology, travel opportunities started to become available to me then.  In the summer of 2013 I said goodbye to North America for the first time in ten years and only the second time in my life.  I spent a month working on an Archaeology dig for for Baikal-Hokkaido Archaeology Project on Rebun Island, Japan.  The island was just a tiny fishing community island and spending time with the locals was easily one of the highlights.  After flying back to Canada (for a total of 48hours: crazy idea) I was then off to a tiny town in the north of Sweden: Umeå.  There I studied as an exchange student for the year.  This little town was my home base while I explored the rest of Europe before heading back home to Canada.  Returning to Canada came with its own culture shock.  Since then, I’ve been eager to get back out and see the world any chance I get.


A plane ticket can seem like a lot and be a daunting price (especially for Canadians who are isolated from everywhere except the United States by massive oceans) but, now that I know what the pay off is, I can firmly say it is worth it.  I will continue to explore my home country of Canada and see the rest of this world throughout my life.

Sir Edmund Hillary has a quote that is a favourite of mine.  It applies to all the daunting tasks we undertake in life and I believe it especially applies to travel,

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” – Sir Edmund Hillary